Dry Beans with Olive Oil

Dry Beans with Olive Oil


3 cups dried beans
2 heads of onions
1 head of garlic
2 large tomatoes
1 glass of olive oil
8–10 hot ornamental peppers (optional)
8–10 sprigs of parsley
2 sugar cubes
Salt and hot water

Nature reflects the harmony in it to all living and inanimate objects. E.g; Such as Alaçatı, windsurfing and windmills or Bursa, Uludağ and winter sports or trio of beans, rice and pickles on the table.

You can make dry beans with olive oil only, meat, sausage or pastrami, but always in a casserole, with little water and by baking.

Soak the beans overnight in warm water. Boil the beans that have risen in water the next day, with two glasses of water, a glass of milk, for 20-25 minutes, if possible in a pressure cooker Drain the boiled beans and put them in a bowl. On the other hand, fry the finely chopped onions in a casserole with olive oil until they turn pink. Add the peeled and chopped garlic and tomatoes on it.

Mix for two minutes. Next, add the boiled beans to the casserole and top it with two fingers.

Add enough hot water, sugar and salt to pass through, optionally hot ornamental peppers.

Add it and cook it in a preheated 200o oven until the water is absorbed.

Serve the casserole on plates, garnishing the beans with parsley leaves.

Enjoy your meal…

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