Our History

Poyraz Automotive
Poyraz Olive Oil
Fully Automatic Facility
High quality
A Global Company
As Poyraz Automotive, we started to serve as the main dealer of Tofaş Automotive.
Poyraz Zeytinyağı Tarım Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi was established and started to produce olive oil in its facilities established on an area of 10.000 m2 in İzmir Menderes.
A fully automatic filling facility was implemented.
Olive oil quality award went to Poyraz Olive Oils.
Today, Poyraz Olive Oil brand, which is a global company, exports to many countries of the world, apart from the domestic market.


Our History

Poyraz Olive Oil continues to work in order to provide the best and highest quality service to its customers with its professional managerial staff and expert personnel in the field, and increases its customer network day by day.

As Poyraz Olive Oils, we export olive oil under our own brand and packaged to more than 30 countries.

Our aim is to bring our olive oil consumption, which is considered to be low among the countries of the world, to high levels by bringing together every table in our country with our reliable and healthy olive oils, and to introduce olive oil, one of the most important products of our country, to the world as “Turkish Olive Oil”.

Our company produces untouched under the best conditions in order to bring you the best olive oil without compromising the quality of its products.

We use the healthiest and at the same time the most elegant packaging options in production and packaging The unique taste, smell and aroma of Poyraz Olive Oils comes from the use of oils obtained from the best olives of the Aegean Region.

This quality of Poyraz has also been crowned with the Quality Certificate given by the National Olive and Olive Oil Council.

Dear Partners and Employees,

As the Poyraz family, we continue to raise the bar of our Company day by day with the determination and confidence of keeping our business and life understanding on the same line from the first day.

While we lead our healthy and safe lives with this philosophy, such as the clear and clean olive oil, we know very well that these roads are sometimes pebbled, sometimes bumpy and sometimes flat, but there is one thing that we will never change, which is the value we give to people and to offer our children a healthy future.

On this occasion, we will continue to add success to our success and introduce our healthy products to the world, with our Olive Oil, which we export to 7 continents in the world, and numerous gold medals and awards we have received abroad.

Kind regards,
Poyraz Olive Oils General Manager
Mustafa Soykan Yanya,

Awards & Certificates

ISO 22000
Halal PQ
FDA Sign
USADA Organic
ISO 9001
UZZK Türkiye Birincilik Ödülü