Pure Olive Oil Tin Box


Pure Olive Oil Tin Box

POYRAZ Riviera Olive Oil is the oil obtained froahe blend of refined olive oil and natural extra virgin olive oil, suitable for consumption. It haa s free acidity, expressed as oleic acid of not more than 1 gram per 100 grams, and its other properties correspond to those specified for this category in the IOC standard. The product may require a more specific designation in the retail country.

Package Information

Packaging Pieces in Box Number of Boxes on Pallet Box Size on Pallet Product Barcode
3000 ml Tin Box 6 Pieces 70 Boxes 80 x 120 cm 8699182010376
5000 ml Tin Box 4 Pieces 48 Boxes 80 x 120 cm 8699182010093
18000 ml Tin Box 1 Piece 45 Boxes 80 x 120 cm 8699182010109



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