Vine Pastry with Olive Oil

Vine Pastry with Olive Oil


1 kg of fresh vine leaves
1 bunch of spring onions
1 bunch dill leaves
250 g goat cheese
1 Teaspoon of olive oil
Red pepper

The ladies of Alaçatı make dozens of different dishes from vine leaves. Request
one of them is vine pastry…
Wash fresh vine leaves in running water. About fifteen minutes in a glass of vinegar water
wait. After draining the water, place half of it on a baking tray.
Add chopped spring onions, dill, fresh cheese, chili pepper and salt. remaining leaves
distribute evenly. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and a glass of water. Previously
Place it in the lower part of the oven heated to 180 degrees.
When the leaves soften and change color, take them out of the oven.
Serve plain or with garlic yoghurt…
Enjoy your meal…

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